Height & Harness

The purpose of the Height and Harness course is to provide a practical working knowledge and the skills for Workers in the Construction Industry. These skills will enable them to work at height and to use ropes and harnesses safely. Trainees will work through the following objectives:

Identify and rate the risks of all hazards associated with working at height

  • Develop an operating plan for working at all height

  • Focus on eliminating and isolating the identified high risk height hazard

  • Learn and practice the basic skills for the use of harness systems

The Height and Harness program is a full two-day course.

The skills to work safely at height are essential, not only for those in the building sector but also for all people who, in the course of their work, are exposed to the potential hazard of falling. This may include electrical workers who must access high machinery, tower lighting and wiring installation.

This Fall Arrest course is for anyone who would be better protected wearing a harness and a fall arrest system while working at height.

Safer Heights utilizes the latest "safety at height" technology to teach appropriate, safe, and user friendly systems that can be customised to your own particular situation.

Core Elements

The fall arrest course provided by Training-Corp and Safer Site, covers the safe use of fall arrest harnesses, knots used in fall arrest systems, rigging and using static lines, the various types of fall arrest equipment available, recovery techniques, and care and maintenance of equipment.

The course also includes recovery techniques for safe, simple recovery of a suspended worker.

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Height & Harness ($260.00)

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Height & Harness

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Height & Harness

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