Electrical Competency Refresher (ESR 100)

Practicing Licence  Refresher  Competency Course suitable for:

Electricians, EST, EAS, Engineers, Apprentices. Renewing their Practicing Licences

This course covers: Regulations, (including amendments), Standards, Testing for Safety, for Installations and Appliances, Safe Working Practices, Basic First Aid + CPR.

Select Course Course ID Title Address Date/Time
ESR 100 THIS COURSE HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE CONTACT KERRY HARRIS 021 722 493 This is the EWRB required course to renew your Electrical Workers Practicing License for any Class of electrical registration Please NOTE this course will only be held if there are enough people attending to warrant run a program 22-Jan-2019 / 01:55 PM
ESR 1000 TEST COURSE There is NO course this is site test 01-Jan-2019 / 09:00 AM
ESR1010 Test Course 2 There is NO course this is a test program 01-Jan-2019 / 06:00 PM
ESR 1012 Test Course 3 Test program entry 01-Jan-2019 / 09:00 AM
ESR 1213 Test Course 4 Test program entry 02-Jan-2019 / 09:00 AM
ESR 1214 Test Course 5 Test program entry only 03-Jan-2019 / 09:00 AM
ESR 1215 Test Course 6 Test program entry only 04-Jan-2019 / 09:00 AM
ESR 1216 Test Course 7 Test program only 06-Jan-2019 / 01:00 PM
ESR 1217 Test Course 8 Test program only 08-Jan-2019 / 01:00 PM
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