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What We Do 

Safer Site Training-Corp specializes in the application of practical and applied skills, trade knowledge, up-skilling and workplace on the job training. Safer Site Training-Corp selects its expert trainers from all over New Zealand and Australia based on the clients business and specific requirements.

Training programs are developed with the client to target their specific problem areas and achieve the desired and measurable results to improve productivity, quality and safety.

Safer Site Training-Corp was designed to help and support the electrical industry in a practical hands on way. The Electrical industry is one of the most regulated in New Zealand, understanding and complying with the myriad of changing rules, regulations and Standards is a problem for many electrical practitioner’s and electrical companies.

Who We Are

Kerry Harris

Kerry Harris

Executive Director of Training-Corp.

Kerry is who is both academically and dual trade qualified has been involved in Technical, practical, supervisory.management and Health and Safety training for 35 years in the electrical and electronic industries, in New Zealand and Worldwide.

Kerry has been involved in practical hands on training. Like many he has always struggled to keep up with and understand the many rules and regulations governing the electrical industry.

All the training programs produced by Training-Corp are overseen by Kerry. With his practical background he also presents many of these programs over a wide range of industries.

Allan West

Allan West


Alan is our tutor based in New Plymouth, he travels around the south of the North Island. He also comes with and impressive list of qualifications.

  • 41 years in the electrical industry
  • 30 years in adult education (on-going)
  • An electrical inspector since April 1995
  • 6 years apprentice training supervisor for ETITO
  • 4 years as a night class tutor for ETCO
  • 5 years as an external moderator for ETITO (on-going)
  • Carried out SWP refresher training since 1992
  • Gained auditors qualifications in 2008
  • Carried out Site Safety audits on Construction Sites
  • Carried out Site Safe electrical and Construction Passport training since 2000
  • He also inspects listed work and carries out wiring installation in Motor homes and other transportable buildings

John Keene

John Keene

John is a Senior Consultant for Training-Corp (Australia and New Zealand) Ltd which was established in 1988. Pior to 1988 and since that time John has been consulted in the following areas:

  • Developing, installing and managing health and safety systems
  • Auditing health and safety systems
  • Planning and developing training plans, strategies, and packages
  • Writing operator manuals for equipment and processes
  • Developing and installing ISO 9000 quality management systems
  • Auditing quality management systems